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Commentary from Saturday, September 7, 2013

America is Our Country!

During the last few months as I attended public events, I was impressed by the comments I received from supporters of American Workers Radio and the Buy American Made Campaign. People are encouraged by our positive efforts and agree that America is our country and we have to work hard to support one-another and restore jobs and America’s economy.

As people hear my commentaries on radio broadcasts and read them on the Internet or in newspapers, I often receive feedback. However, there is nothing better than hearing directly from people in my travels who tell me they are united for change and the restoration of common sense ideas like, Americans need jobs so they can support themselves and we can't allow America to continue to be the sales point for foreign items while Americans ready and able to work remain unemployed.

In my conversations with supporters, I'm also pleased to hear many have made a commitment to purchase only American made items and are willing to hold off on purchases until more American made items are featured where they shop. Our supporters are also making it known to store personnel that without a larger selection of American made, they will take their business elsewhere.

As the Buy American Made Campaign continues, I want you to know that buying American includes both items produced as well as assembled in the U.S.A. because these products keep Americans employed.

Keep your suggestions coming, speak up where you shop and direct as much of your purchases to businesses that support our American made efforts so more changes will continue in the future.

This is Michael Blichasz. Spread the word about all of our efforts;, National Small Business Weekend and

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