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Commentary from Saturday, September 6, 2014

Why 50% is Better for America!

Supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign have been doing an excellent job promoting the restoration of a 50/50 balance between American made and foreign made products sold in stores across America.

The major benefit of a 50/50 balance is that there would be an increase in products labeled “Made in the U.S.A.” Right now, in many cases, especially clothing and electronics, the proportion of imported products is 90% or more foreign made. All of us working together to restore the 50/50 balance will result in tens of millions of Americans employed in manufacturing, research and development of new products, assembling, packing, shipping and sales. After supplying our own needs we can once again make more American made products available for shipment around the world.

Right now 70% of America’s economy depends on the American people purchasing products and services. This type of imbalance does not represent a successful economy, but a road to future difficulties, so your support for a 50/50 balance is very important. A brief example is: How many of you would rather shop at a store that has a sign stating 90% of what this store sells is foreign made, or would you rather shop at a store with a sign stating 50% or more of everything sold here is made in the U.S.A.?

Since our national elected leaders did nothing to prevent or slow-down outsourcing, we have to take action and direct our spending on more American made. The lack of national leadership has had a very negative effect on our economy and has made America less free and less secure. Until at least 50% of what is sold in America is made in America, I urge you to support the Buy American Made Campaign and spend more of your dollars on products and services that benefit American workers and the businesses that employ them. Thanks for spreading the word.

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