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Commentary from Saturday, September 4, 2021

Labor Day, A Time to Salute American Workers!

In 1882, when the first Labor Day Holiday was celebrated in New York City. The celebration was so popular that two years later in 1884, the United States Congress authorized a special act designating the First Monday in September as Labor Day.

Labor Day is a national legal holiday which urges all Americans to recognize the accomplishments of American workers, the businesses that employed them and the strength, prosperity and financial well-being jobs provide for American workers and America’s economy.

As we observe Labor Day, everyone is urged to recognize the accomplishments of all American workers from those that work for major businesses in America, the self employed, government workers, police and firemen, school teachers and every worker that helps keep the wheels of employment opportunities moving forward in the United States.

We see through the coronavirus pandemic just how much has changed in the United States. However, it is our goal to expand job opportunities for American workers. For over 30 years, we have lived in an era where long term employment opportunities have been outsourced around the globe and we need your help to reverse this reality and create new jobs for working age and able bodied Americans.

It is good to hear that a growing number of business owners are going out of their way to support products made in the United States of America, and as that continues, we will see a better future for our fellow Americans. To help spread the word, there are promotional materials on the front page of Your participation is very important.

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