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Commentary from Saturday, September 3, 2022

Labor Day 2022, Another Time to Unite!

In 1882, when the first Labor Day celebration was held in New York City, America was the workshop of the world. Every type of product used by the America people was made in the United States, and many products made in the United States were sold around the world. Two years later, the United States Congress passed an act making Labor Day, the first Monday in September, a legal holiday.

Since 1884, labor unions and American businesses, big and small, have honored American workers for the strength, prosperity and well-being they provide to America’s economy. Made in America was respected by people all over the world, and people immigrated to the United States to be part of the Industrial Revolution that grew in America for over 100 years.

Labor Day can serve as an opportunity to remind ourselves of the reasons why America lost so many of its industries and jobs to nations around the world. It’s also a time to consider the importance of restoring the industries that have been lost to outsourcing around the world. While we understand we now live in a GLOBAL ECONOMY, we also need jobs and job skills for our fellow Americans.

For over 35 years tens-of-millions of employment opportunities for Americans were outsourced across the globe to make more money for investors to the detriment of American workers. It’s now up to America’s consumers to help restore no less than 50% of what is sold in America to be made in the United States of America by speaking up where we shop and directing our hard-earned dollars to support American made so we can make more American made a reality.

During the Labor Day observance and throughout the year be extra mindful of the needs of American workers and America’s economy. Working together, we can accomplish a lot of good for America, American workers and future generations. Thanks your participation.

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