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Michael Blichasz
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Commentary from Saturday, September 29, 2012

Direct Efforts to America's 29 Million Businesses

During this political campaign, we have seen and heard more than enough advertisements telling us what is wrong with the other candidate, but we have not seen the candidates' plans documenting what they will do to make things right in America again.

Americans, more than ever, need elected leaders that will LIFT US UP and guide us out of the recession into a NEW INDUSTRIAL and TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION in the U.S.A. We need elected leaders that will help us understand why America is where it is today and show us plans to get PRIVATE SECTOR businesses working together to restore our manufacturing industries, service jobs and the innovation needed to restore and maintain lasting jobs in America.

In a nation with 314 million people, we need 188 million full and part-time jobs, not just the 142 million we have today. Candidates for President should be directing all of their efforts to helping unite America's 29 million businesses RIGHT NOW, so millions of new jobs can be restored. In fact, if all local, statewide and national candidates and current office-holders set a goal to work with America's private sector businesses to increase production, sales and services, America's businesses would benefit immensely and America's employment situation would change dramatically. Americans want jobs and job creators, not talk that will be forgotten once the election is over!

Supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign have been speaking up for American workers and purchasing more items made by millions of America's businesses. By doing this, we are circulating more American dollars in the U.S.A. and helping more of America's 29 million registered private sector businesses re employ workers and expand job opportunities for millions of others.

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