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Commentary from Saturday, September 25, 2021

Rising Costs Are Hurting Americans!

The rising cost of EVERYTHING in the United States is hurting Americans and is due, in part, to the coronavirus pandemic. FOREIGN MADE PRODUCTS, in particular, are in short supply and becoming more expensive because of shipping delays caused by the pandemic. This brings even more attention to the fact that we allowed too many products invented and made in America to be outsourced around the world.

For years, we saw American made items slowly being replaced with imported products. The majority of the imported items had the well-known American logos, so reaching for the same brand name items did not concern America’s shoppers. As the flood of imported products began to be discussed by America’s consumers, store owners were telling customers that the products they were selling were the same brands and same quality and that they were saving a lot of money by purchasing the imported items.

Businesses that outsourced manufacturing to foreign countries and national and local distributors who benefited from imported products from around the world hoped that America’s consumers would continue their buying habits forever. Fortunately, efforts like American Workers Need You and American Workers Radio, along with millions of Americans, are now focused on changing the imbalance of products sold in America.

As America's consumers see what happened to America’s industries and jobs from outsourcing manufacturing to other countries, we all agree it’s not good for America to be a sales point for foreign made items.

Your support for American workers representing small and large businesses, non-union and union and the self employed, remains the key to our success. Help our efforts by looking for American Made wherever you shop so we can get more of America’s businesses fully operational again.

Kindly spread the word to your family and friends. Thanks for your participation.

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