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Commentary from Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jobs Should Be Increasing, NOT Decreasing!

For many years America remained the Industrial Giant of the World. In more recent years nations around the world have joined the NEW industrial revolution and are now our competitors. In one respect competition is good because it promotes innovation. In another respect it demonstrates what happens if you don't ensure your place in the expanding global market.

Today, billions of workers around the world are offering the same type of products and services that were mainly produced in the U.S.A. With computerization, new technologies and new jobs skills now shared throughout the world, Americans must do more to produce the best and be cost effective in the process. One example is that millions of clothing manufacturing jobs were located in the U.S.A for decades. Today there are fewer than 400,000 textile worker jobs located in the U.S.A. The jobs of millions of American manufacturing workers have been shipped overseas and millions of others jobs that supplement manufacturing have been lost. I'm sure you'll agree that it can't continue and it's up to America's consumers to make real change happen!

In recent reports, some candidates seeking political office and promoting the need to expand jobs in the U.S.A. did not even realize that the t-shirts and other items they were selling to benefit their campaigns were exclusively foreign made. I'm sure that we can all agree that it is time for sports teams, political candidates, schools and other institutions to look out FIRST for the livelihood and well being of the American people who financially support them.

As our efforts to support the Buy American Made Campaign continue, I urge you to be the good example in your family by taking the time to look at the label on every product you pick up to see where it was made.

My thanks to the radio programs, televisions broadcasts and print media who are highlighting the cause of American workers. It is getting very interesting as more people get involved.

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