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Commentary from Saturday, September 23, 2017

Shop Around and Support Our Cause!

We all hear in the media and from people we know that the American made movement is growing. That’s great and it demonstrates that the American people want their working age and able-bodied family, friends and neighbors to not only be employed, but also have job skills and more employment opportunities.

When people tell me they are being more selective in what they purchase and that they are looking at the labels before they make the purchase, it’s great news because it means the Buy American Made Campaign is helping to unite people interested in supporting our positive goals. Yes, there are people that haven’t cared for years, but they are now showing concern as they watch the aftermath of the loss of businesses and employment opportunities in America.

For years people have been talking about the symptoms of our employment issues in America, but few have talked about solutions. American Workers Radio and the Buy American Made Campaign have offered many ideas that would not only maintain the jobs Americans already have, but also spur new product lines to make more jobs possible. In the process of spurring more jobs and job skills, you are helping the businesses already making, distributing and selling products with American made labels. Additionally, your support for local businesses and services is helping insure that the small businesses near you can remain in business and keep people employed. Some people say they feel better these days because they see a lot of movements looking to support American workers and a better life in America.

Every time you are out shopping you can help our cause by look at every label, and by speaking up in support of American workers and the products they produce and the services they provide.

Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word to others.

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