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Commentary from Saturday, September 19, 2015

Help Us Change America's Future!

In a recent commentary, I stated that right now 70% of America's economy depends on AMERICA’s consumers going out to BUY PRODUCTS and SERVICES. A sizeable portion of that percentage includes America’s consumers purchasing foreign made products. Although 70% sounds high, it’s a well-documented fact and it grew so high mainly because America’s consumers continued to purchase whatever was available in stores, rarely concerned about looking at the labels and considering what a glut of foreign made products was doing to decrease jobs for American workers

Manufacturing has always driven several sectors of America’s economy but the loss of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing facilities across America in recent years has led to the loss of tens-of-millions of jobs for American workers. Manufacturing always kept large numbers of workers employed; large numbers of American made products in circulation and jobs for skilled workers were always in demand. With such a large percentage of America’s economy based on Americans purchasing products we have to work toward an equal balance between foreign made and domestic made products available in every store in the U.S.A.

We can complain forever, however, I feel it’s more important for us to take action and spend more of our dollars on American made products which are helping us maintain jobs in the U.S.A. and encourage businesses to invest more in America to meet consumer demands. For years we supported foreign made products with our money, we bought the foreign products merchandisers made available in our stores, but we see now it’s time to be more patriotic so we can get more American made products back on the market. With your help we continue to expand America’s manufacturing base and restore jobs needed to get American made products to market. What we do today is not only for ourselves but for future generations of Americans. Thanks for your support and for letting me know about your efforts to support the Buy American Made Campaign.

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