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Commentary from Saturday, September 18, 2010

Future Generations are Depending on Us

As Americans pause to take a good look at our nation’s alarming unemployment statistics, they recognize an important call to action in support of America’s industries and workers.

In 1995 when I first voiced my concerns about the growing number of jobs being outsourced overseas, people felt I was against global competition. Many people claimed the exporting of jobs would never reach the critical point we see today and advised me not to be overly concerned. Some people thought American businesses were in the process of modernizing America’s industries and felt that the number of jobs outsourced 15 years ago would not pose a threat to America’s manufacturing base. Some believed that the majority of the jobs outsourced were jobs Americans didn’t want anyway. The American people did not realize that they were being conditioned by major corporations to purchase whatever was available in stores, regardless of where it was made and how it would affect the future of America’s workforce.

For almost 30 years, shoppers were not concerned about looking at labels and packaging to see where items were made. Now that people see the real picture, they are more united behind the Buy American Made Campaign and are using their purchasing power wisely. However, more people need to speak up where they shop so more inventory of American made products fills our stores. The outsourcing issue will only change when the American people who represent both workers and consumers use their purchasing power to either purchase items or leave them on the shelf.

One important thing I learned through this campaign is that we must never give up on America’s workers and unite behind all efforts to restore America’s industrial base because future generations of Americans are depending on us!

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