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Commentary from Saturday, September 17, 2022

America's Children Are Depending On Us!

As we look at all the things taking place in the United States TODAY, we can safely say that for many years Americans were distracted from the real issues that face America and its future, such as the loss of industries and jobs that left America for foreign countries. Millions of Americans watched those changes continue during the last 35 years and are now fully behind efforts to restore businesses and jobs that will benefit American Workers TODAY, knowing that America’s children are depending on us to look out for their future.

During elections, Americans have an excellent opportunity to seek out the leadership of the best candidates available. The Buy American Made Campaign continues to urge all candidates seeking the votes of Americans to address issues important to the American people. Long term job opportunities is one very important issue that must be addressed.

The mid-term election will take place on November 8, 2022. It is a perfect time for the American people to vote for candidates they feel are the best people to represent their needs and concerns and are committed to really working closely to make America a better place to do businesses. Making America a “Better Place to do Business” is one of the major concerns of people looking to have quality job opportunities.

The most important thing is for every eligible American to register to VOTE no less than 30 days before the November 8th election day so you are eligible to VOTE. To assist with the REGISTRATION Process, there is an easy- to-use Voter REGISTRATION FORM for people living anywhere in the United States. For your convenience the Voter REGISTRATION FORM is posted on the front page of

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