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Michael Blichasz
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Commentary from Saturday, September 15, 2012

Americans Need Results!

For too many years the attention of the American people has been distracted away from the real issues facing our country and our future. As the candidates for president and vice president debate issues, I want them to know that the main issue facing America is opportunities for people to support themselves. Americans want more JOB opportunities, not government handouts. Americans want leadership that understands the issues and has the ability to sit down with every level of private sector business to end the stalemate of ideas and actions that have divided America for years.

The American people want to finally hear the reasons why so many Americans are unemployed, while JOBS that could be employing Americans are outsourced around the world. Americans also want to know what is needed to restore private sector jobs in the U.S.A. and want to know that America's top leaders are working together to make that happen NOW!

While America's leaders and the American people were distracted by less important issues, America lost tens-of-millions of JOBS while foreign workers became employed manufacturing the items now available in America's stores.

The American people want to hear national candidates are debating their plans to reverse the trend of jobs leaving America and know that the candidate will provide the leadership needed to restore America's economy and what they will do to UNITE elected officials, business leaders and the American people to expand and restore JOBS in America.

I urge the candidates to take a close look at each of the categories listed on the U.S. Debt Clock. The categories are a report card of America's economy today and its future trends. If the national candidates review the U.S. Debt Clock and address the real concerns of the American people without distractions, we will all benefit.

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