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Commentary from Saturday, September 13, 2014

Your Vote is Important!

When I encourage people to go out and VOTE in local, state or national elections, I am often asked if I think voting is really going to make a difference. My response is always YES because America is the greatest nation on earth and because America’s VOTERS really have the opportunity to vote for whomever they feel will best represent their interests. If 90% of America’s voters came out on election day to give approval or disapproval for candidates, things in America would be much different and we would have more jobs in the U.S.A.

On the FIRST TUESDAY of November, Americans have the opportunity to SPEAK without saying a word, but in order to have this great power you must be registered to vote. If you haven’t voted in the past or want to change you registration, send in your registration form no later than 30 days before the election. Registration forms are available at post offices and libraries across America. You can also contact your local elected official for a registration form or download a registration form at: Complete the voter registration form and mail it in. You will receive a voter registration card in the mail.

If you want positive change in America, VOTE on every election day so those seeking your vote know the true will of the majority of America’s voters. Part of the difficulties America is experiencing is because not enough people were involved in election process and we need to rekindle the desire for Americans to get more involved in our democracy. If 80 or 90% of the registered voters voted on election day we would have a better idea of the will of the American people. With only 20 or 30% of the registered voters voting it does not allow the will of the American people to be properly represented. If people don’t vote they have no reason to complain. Spread the word and be sure to go out and VOTE every election day because your vote is very important.

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