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Commentary from Saturday, September 11, 2021

Results Matter! Help Us!

As stated many times by supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign, "No matter what we do in life, it takes effort to get results". Over the years, all Americans have seen that outsourcing too many of the jobs traditionally held by Americans to countries around the world has increased jobs for foreign workers while American workers lost jobs, earning abilities and skills, that would allow them to support themselves.

During the last thirty five years, as the Global Economy moved forward, we see that too many of America's long established industries moved to foreign countries without concern for America and American workers.  After the long pandemic, we see that working toward the goal of 50% of everything sold in America being made in America is more important than ever.  Let's work together to not only get more jobs and job skills restored in the United States, but UNITE America's Consumers to support products made and assembled in the United States FIRST.

As we work to urge businesses to expand in the United States, millions of Americans can be back on the job, designing, producing, distributing, marketing, and selling every possible product purchased by America’s consumers.

Our supporters are doing a great job promoting a 50/50 balance. It would be much easier for us to achieve success if our national leaders joined our efforts and focused their time and attention on the needs and concerns of the American people.

When you go out shopping be determined to support American made products FIRST.  We all know this can be a CHALLENGE in many cases, but it is important to seek out American Made for the benefit of America and our future.

Thanks to everyone spreading the word and spending more on your money on products that reflect the workmanship and services of American workers.

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