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Commentary from Saturday, September 10, 2022

Positive Actions Always Make a Difference!

Everyone involved with the Buy American Made Campaign extends THANKS to the individuals, organizations, businesses and media helping to support our Buy American Made – Support American Workers Campaign. During Labor Day Celebrations across the United States our message was promoted loud and clear. We compliment everyone helping our efforts, and urge all Americans to promote our message to your family and friends.

Because more Americans have been speaking up, we are receiving growing recognition on radio and television broadcasts, in newspapers, on Internet sites and at social gatherings. The Buy American Made Campaign is not seeking to discourage worldwide competition but to expand the presence of American made for sale in the United States and on the international market. Our campaign seeks to restore no less than a 50% balance of made in the U.S.A. products to reward the skills and workmanship of American workers and businesses operating in the United States.

RIGHT NOW 70% of America’s economy is based on Americans' spending on products and services.  If 70% of our nation’s economy represents the need for Americans to buy products like clothing, household needs, electronics and hundreds of others, it’s more important than ever that businesses based in America be encouraged with every incentive possible to help restore America’s manufacturing base, which will increase employment opportunities and reduce poverty in the United States.

The most important thing we need is for more people to join our campaign. Thanks for looking at labels and supporting job opportunities for working-age and able-bodied Americans and for supporting your local businesses.

Kindly spread the word and invite others to visit:, which is linked to additional Internet sites promoting ways to support American workers and America’s economy.

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