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Commentary from Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why Is So Much Of America Owned By Foreign Entities?

As the eyes of the American people focus on the security of America, I urge you to keep your eyes focused on American workers and America's economy. Based on the responses I received from the 30-day Buy American Made Challenge, it is clear that Americans have been paying a lot more attention to changes in the American business scene: the movement of America's industries abroad or increasing control of American industries by foreign investors. More Americans understand that through the purchase of strategic American corporations, foreign companies have built up a huge influence over entire industries. Information collected from the Internal Revenue Service lists that certain industries have been completely monopolized by overseas interests and, in some cases, 50% or more of U.S. Corporate assets are owned by foreign entities. An example is the sound and audio industries, including televisions, cell phones, radios and dozens more which are owned or controlled by foreign investors. In order for you to see the facts and figures, I have posted a link on the front page of entitled "Foreign Owners of US Domestic Industries". There is also a link entitled "List of American Companies Sold to Foreign Interests". When you review these lists and the percentages owned by foreign investors you will understand why America's stores are filled with products benefiting foreign interests FIRST.

For change to continue, we all have to focus our efforts on the well-being of American workers, both present and future. It is difficult for us to understand that 24 million Americans need a job, but it is a fact. Add on to that total the tens of thousands of veterans who will be returning home to few job opportunities and you understand my appeal for your participation in the Buy American Made Campaign.

I urge you to support the businesses that have not deserted America. However, take note that in the new global economy you will also find that many foreign companies have invested heavily in U.S. industries, and their products have a made in the U.S.A. label, so support all companies employing American workers from manufacturing, service and sales. If we can work toward restoring just 50% of everything available in our stores with a Made in the U.S.A. label, we would have more people employed and a more stable American economy. Shop around, spend your dollars wisely and speak up where you shop. America needs you!

This is Michael Blichasz, I encourage you to begin your Buy American Made Challenge today. It is posted on the front page of Send me your comments from the email link located on the front page of: