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Commentary from Saturday, August 6, 2022

Taking the American Made Challenge Has Helped!

Over the years we have urged our fellow Americans to take the Buy American Made Challenge and look at every label to see where the item was made before making a purchase. Our efforts have seen some improvement with items made in America, however, at this point 80% of the clothing, shoes, electronics, and toys sold in America’s stores are imported from foreign countries. 35 years ago, 90% of what was sold in America was made in America.

During the last 35 years, America lost tens-of-thousands of private sector industries who moved overseas to secure lower production costs. As businesses moved out of America it caused the loss of tens-of-millions-of long term job opportunities for American workers. Today, we see the negative aftermath of the last 35 years with the loss of jobs and job skills, and the inability for Americans to support themselves and reduce growing poverty.

Although the most important service of our National Elected Leaders is to look out for the well-being of the constituents they represent, they have not been addressing the reasons why businesses continued to move out of the United States, and in many cases, sold their businesses to foreign investors instead of selling them to American investors so they would remain in the United States.

In order to end the 35 year quagmire Americans find themselves in today, the Buy American Made Campaign has been urging private sector businesses and national elected leaders to work together. We want them to create an environment that will make the United States the best place for businesses to operate and new businesses to open so that competitive American made products are in full circulation again.

Make the Buy American Made Challenge a priority and invite everyone you know to look for, ask for, and go out of your way to purchase American made products. Thanks for your participation!

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