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Commentary from Saturday, August 4, 2012

70% of Americans Know Someone Unemployed!

Every time I attend an event and speak with people, I'm inspired by the growing concern people have for our nation's economy and American workers.

At this point 70% of the American people know family members, friends or neighbors who have become unemployed in recent years. We have so many serious issues facing America, especially the future of businesses in the U.S.A. and the need for jobs and jobs skills that America's leadership seems to have forgotten about.

Today, tens of millions of Americans are in need of a job to support themselves, yet national candidates for president, U.S. Congress and Senate are NOT discussing the issue most important to the American people which is, JOBS! I feel that they should be using their campaign time to discuss the following:
  1. Their plans to attract more businesses and jobs to America.

  2. The incentives they are proposing to help reduce business taxes, restore industries, employ Americans, expand jobs skills and lower the overall cost of doing business in America to make American made items more competitive.

  3. What are their plans to ensure that the U.S. government will lead the way by buying American made FIRST and encouraging every level of government and private sector businesses to do the same.

  4. Answer our questions, "Why did America's national leaders continue to place America in DEBT over the last 30 years? What will the candidates do to address the 16 TRILLION dollar national debt upon being sworn into office in January, 2013?"

These are just a few issues national political candidates need to address during this very important campaign. I welcome you to tune in to American Workers Radio at 11 A.M. every Wednesday on 860 AM Radio serving Philadelphia and the tri-state area where we will discuss many important issues. You can listen to live broadcasts or rebroadcasts from anywhere in the world from the front page of: where I have also posted the U.S. Debt Clock and a link to

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