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Commentary from Saturday, August 2, 2014

29 Million Businesses For Us To Support!

As the American people focus on supporting American workers, I want to focus on the 29 million registered businesses in America. The largest numbers of businesses represent individuals that are self-employed. Next are millions of local small businesses located across the U.S.A. There are also 6 million larger sized businesses where hundreds or thousands of people are employed. Grouped together America’s 29 million businesses provide 146 million jobs for working Americans. However, we are tens-of-millions of jobs short of the 187 million jobs needed for working-age and able-bodied Americans.

For your information, the United States Small Business Administration has published the following information:

23 million small businesses in American account for 54% of all sales in the U.S.A. This includes sales of both imported and American made products, and various service.
Small businesses provide 55% of all present jobs and 66% of all new jobs.
Small businesses occupy up to 50% of all commercial space.
Small businesses are growing rapidly, while corporate America has been “downsizing”. The rate of small businesses starting up has grown, while the rate of small business failures has declined.

These facts are great to hear and in order to restore the tens-of-millions of jobs America needs our national campaign to restore the 50/50 balance continues to move forward. As of now we see more businesses expanding their product lines in America and more small businesses are opening. In order to have this trend continue, I urge you to support their products and services so we can return to being a nation that makes more of the products it uses and not remain the country where such a large amounts of foreign made products are sold.

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