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Commentary from Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Marketplace Knows Exactly What is Sold in America!

Every customer can see for themselves that the marketplace knows exactly what we are purchasing because modern cash registers keep track of what is being purchased by America’s consumers, whether they pay by cash or credit card.

Today, cash register technology provides an immediate report on your purchase receipt and for business owners they know exactly what is being sold to customers. If an item is being purchased, it's quickly replaced. If an item is NOT being purchased often, the store will focus on items that are being sold. By seeking out American made items, you are helping to determine what items will be stocked at the stores where you shop, which is very important to American Workers.

The entire American Workers Need You effort is directed to ensure that more American made items are circulated in our stores and reduce the massive build-up of foreign items that have filled our stores for too long.

The message of the Buy American Made Campaign is very basic. We want to get more American workers back to work so America’s consumers have more American made products available for sale in the United States of America. Help us by directing your purchasing power to support the private sector businesses that are employing many levels of American workers. When we reach the 50/50 balance between foreign and American made items sold in the United States, we will see many positive changes in the American way of life. Without JOBS we can't move our economy and America’s future forward. Your participation is very important. Kindly spread the word.

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