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Commentary from Saturday, August 27, 2022

Your Shopping List Makes a Difference!

Most people make a list of the things they need when they go shopping and I always encourage people to look at labels before they make a purchase. People who support the Buy American Made Challenge often tell me that it’s been an eye opening experience because it’s hard to find American made products and they want that to change.

Due to decades of outsourcing manufacturing to foreign countries, many jobs have left the United States permanently. In many cases, those businesses have now been sold to foreign investors so they have no desire to return to the United States, which means Americans will be consumers of those foreign made products, but not manufacturers.

There are a few simple ideas that would help restore jobs in America and it will require American Investors and America’s National Elected Leaders to do the following:

National leaders must approve long term Tax Incentives for businesses to encourage them to expand or return to the United States. It’s important to Make America the BEST PLACE TO DO BUSINESS now and in the future.
Offer incentives for America’s businesses to invent new products with new brand names and MAKE THOSE PRODUCTS IN THE UNITED STATES.
Expand and restore Trade and Technology programs in America’s schools so there are always individuals graduating with the skills needed by America’s businesses.
Mandate that businesses and government work together on a regular basis for the well-being of our fellow Americans.

When we look back at America’s industrial history, we see that America was a major inventor and producer of products for over a 100 YEARS. After 35 years of allowing outsourcing Manufacturing and Jobs, it’s time for us to UNITE to reverse the trend of the past and ensure that COMPETITIVE PRODUCTION of all products we use, from electronics and clothing, to every every-day household items, are made in America again. If everyone works together, positive changes will happen in our lifetime. Your participation is very important.

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