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Commentary from Saturday, August 27, 2011

American Made Shopping List!

As I continue to receive feedback from the Buy American Made Challenge, there are two responses I most often hear. First: "I'm trying to buy American made, BUT imported products still overwhelm our stores", and second "I can see things are changing as the American people are speaking up and directing more of their support to American made products."

These responses are very important because they show that people are involved and trying to buy American made products. The responses also show that people are seeing for themselves the degree of damage caused by outsourcing, and that the American people must remain united to insure that positive changes continue.

No one can tell us what to buy, but when you go shopping, keep in mind that when you seek out and purchase American made products first, you are helping your fellow Americans and America's economy first.

The fact of the matter is that American made products, especially electronics, clothing and others are often very difficult to find. This is a growing concern of the American people who have seen the recession and historically high unemployment rates drag on.

I urge you to make a shopping list and check off what you found that is made in the U.S.A. and what you found that is only available as an imported product. Because more and more people are voicing concerns about what has happened to America's employment opportunities, businesses, politicians and the news media are all discussing your concerns.

Your speaking up for the plight of American workers has already had an enormous impact. Kindly continue to spread the word because America's future depends on how well we remain united!

This is Michael Blichasz. My thanks to the newspapers, radio programs and Internet sites promoting the Buy American Made Campaign. I ask that you email me your comments and suggestions from the front page email link on or