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Commentary from Saturday, August 26, 2017

An Equal Balance Would Restore Tens of Millions of Jobs!

As America’s young people return to school, none of us would object if there was an EQUAL balance between domestic and imported school supplies. That would allow America's consumers to have a choice in what they want to purchase for their children. That is not the case at this time as foreign made school supplies continue to dominate America’s stores.

All of us see that items formerly made in the United States of America, are now on sale in America with foreign labels. That’s unfortunate and it represents the failure of leadership at many levels to keep industries and jobs in America for the well-being of American workers and America’s future. Getting businesses to relocate back in the United States now requires business leaders, elected officials and the American people to speak up and demand action to reduce all levels of taxation and get rid of the unnecessary regulations that forced America’s businesses to locate their production facilities outside of America. Since high taxation and unnecessary regulations made businesses move out of the United States of America it is time for national legislation to reduce taxes and unnecessary regulations so businesses can return to the United States and manufacture and sell their products where their customers live.

I want to share an example of why outsourcing has taken so many of our jobs. Very often an item produced overseas for $2.00 can be sold in an American store for up to $20.00. The difference between $2.00 and $20.00 is the profit for owners and investors and the cost of shipping, rent and operational costs, marketing, stocking and sales. Because we can’t continue to be the retail outlet for foreign made products, it is very important that we work together to reverse the outsourcing trend and help our working age and able-bodied fellow Americans get back to work producing and supplying the products and services we all use on a regular basis.

Change does not happen overnight but it is happening, so let’s keep moving forward by spending more of our dollars wisely, by looking for, asking for, and purchasing American made FIRST.

Thanks for spreading the word!   We need your help!

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