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Commentary from Saturday, August 25, 2018

A Shopping List With a Focus on American Made!

No matter if the label lists that the item is Made in the U.S.A, Made in America or Assembled in America, you immediately know your dollars are supporting several levels of American workers from the point of production to the point of sale.

As supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign continue to look for products and services provided by American workers, we are seeing that jobs of every type are growing in the United States. Although there is a major deficit in electronics, clothing, shoes, every-day household items and hundreds of others, an increase in new products with a made in America label means we are witnessing a turnaround in the way business is being conducted in the United States.

A major way we can help our efforts to grow is by taking the Buy American Made Challenge. Most people prepare a written shopping list of the items they need to purchase.  As you are shopping, check off what you find that is made in the United States and what is not.  Since no one tells us what to buy or who to support, our purchasing habits have been helping store managers and business investors take careful notice of the buying trends of America’s consumers.

Your support for American businesses making, distributing and selling their products with labels listing them as made or assembled in America remains very important. Buying American Made also helps circulate more of our dollars in the United States of America which we know supports American workers and the economy of the country where we live.

Kindly continue to spread the word and invite others to support the Buy American Made Campaign.

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