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Commentary from Saturday, August 22, 2009

No Effort - No Success!

The Buy American Made Campaign has been urging people to look more closely at the items they purchase. Until recently, most consumers made purchases without a second thought about where products were being made. Today, as many Americans find themselves in a down-sized economy, with family members, friends and neighbors facing unemployment, they are taking a second look at what they purchase to see if American workers and America’s economy will benefit. But if we really want change to come about, there must be even more effort on everyone’s part because if there is no effort on our part, there will be no success.

As this campaign continues, it is an excellent time for us to consider some of the reasons companies decided to relocate their manufacturing facilities overseas.

Low wages and few or no employee benefits
Few or no environmental regulations for companies to comply with
No foreign taxes when oversees-based companies export their products back to the U.S.A.

These are just a few reasons why so many Brand Name companies closed up shop in America and moved abroad. The sad part is that there is very little record of Americans reacting as they witnessed businesses closing, unemployment rising and the ongoing negative effects of empty manufacturing facilities and lost employment opportunities.

We certainly can’t change what happened in the past, but we can move forward and build a better future by making that extra effort to buy American made products and support American workers. Some American made items may cost a little more, but prosperous U.S. businesses can keep American workers employed.

Understandably, America is unable to impose its wage, safety and employee benefits regulations on companies based in foreign countries. But we the consumers can make a major statement by going out of our way to purchase American made products, knowing that we are helping maintain American standards, quality controls and safety regulations which benefit American workers and their families. If you keep these thoughts in mind
every time you go shopping, you will be helping keep Americans employed and move one step closer to our goal of maintaining and regaining employment opportunities for American workers.

As this campaign is being discussed by more and more people, it is having a growing positive impact. Remember, if there is no effort on our part, there will be no success. Every time you go shopping, look for, ask for and purchase items made in America. If the store doesn’t have what you’re looking for with an American made label, let the store’s management know about your concerns.

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