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Commentary from Saturday, August 21, 2010

Be mindful of Supporting American Workers

From the responses I receive from my commentaries, I notice that many Americans have developed a mind-set that so many of our jobs have already been relocated overseas that, no matter what, we won't get them back. I don't agree with that mind-set and I ask that you make up your mind to help America’s job base by seeking out and purchasing American made products.

I know that it is very disappointing when you can't find competitive American made product on the shelf where dozens of imported items are featured and this a reality that we must change! However, it is important to remember that change can only happen when all of us support our nation’s workers in the most important way, purchasing the products they produce and supporting the businesses that employ them.

When you can't find American made products in your local store, it’s an opportunity for you to alert store personnel of your concerns so they pass the word to managers, owners and investors. If you don't like the response you receive, walk out the door and shop elsewhere. No business these days wants to see customers walking away because their store is being seen mainly as a sales outlet for foreign products. Every time you make it known that you are directing your purchasing power to stores that are offering a reasonable selection of American made and imported products, you are helping the Buy American Made Cause more than you realize.

As I shop around, I am being told that customers are speaking up regarding the lack of American made products presently available. I am told management is aware of their concerns. I am also told that the major problem is the unavailability of products made in the U.S.A. I'm told that stores have been seeking out American made items from their suppliers, but the products the need, especially clothing, shoes and electronics, are simply not available in the quantity they need to supply their stores and operate their businesses. My question is how did it come to this?

At a time when Americans are experiencing massive unemployment and the resulting hardships, it is in our best interest to support one another by supporting businesses already manufacturing in the U.S.A. and in the process show other businesses it will pay for them to expand and revitalize America's industries and make competitively-priced American made products available once again.

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