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Commentary from Saturday, August 20, 2011

Consider The Overall Value Of A Product!

As I receive feedback from the Buy American Made Challenge, it is clear that people are shopping with the intent of looking at labels and are asking the question "For the price I would pay for items with a foreign made label, why can't these same items be made in America at a competitive cost?"

One of the major difficulties in restoring America's industries is that business owners and investors discovered that having products produced outside the U.S.A. has allowed them to realize huge profits without being concerned with American workers. However, as consumers are taking the time to look at labels and are being more selective in how they spend their dollars, businesses are seeing more foreign made inventory sitting on the shelf while a growing number of people seek out American made products. Getting businesses to relocate in the U.S.A. will require one major issue to be addressed by America's national elected leaders. That issue is reducing all levels of taxation so that America is competitive with other industrial nations. If high taxation made businesses move out of the U.S.A. then legislation for long-term tax reductions is needed to help businesses remain or return to America's shores.

None of us would object if there was an EQUAL balance between domestic and imported products because America's consumers would make the choice as to what to purchase. Our concern is that in so many cases 90% of what was formerly made in the U.S.A. is now on sale in America with foreign made labels.

I want to share an example of why outsourcing has taken so many of our jobs. Very often an item produced overseas for $2.00 can be sold in an American store for up to $20.00. The difference between $2.00 and $20.00 is the profit for owners and investors and the cost of shipping, marketing, stocking and sales. In the process many service-related American workers are employed, but millions of people who could be employed in manufacturing are left unemployed.

With the rising cost of food, energy, insurance and dozens of other basic living expenses, Americans are not able to spend on items as they did in the past, and this trend is being noticed by importers and retailers. It will take time to reverse the outsourcing trend, but remember that the journey of a thousand miles always begins with the FIRST STEP. We are already walking on the road to recovery and it is evident that our recovery rests in the hands of the American people who must spend their dollars wisely and look for, ask for, and purchase American made FIRST.

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