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Commentary from Saturday, August 17, 2013

School Supplies are a BIG Business!

Recently on American Workers Radio we discussed the BIG business of school supplies in the U.S.A. With tens of millions of Americans shopping for school supplies, it's important that consumers look at the labels on everything they need to purchase so American made products get top priority.

In recent years as the American people have spoken up about too many foreign made products, there has been some improvement in what is being sold in America's stores. However, change is often slow to happen and with long term contracts in place with foreign providers, it's up to us to seek out the products made by companies that remained in America and are keeping Americans employed.

A big problem with school supplies is that over the past 20 years, many former U.S. manufacturers closed or downsized, and now the production of school bags, uniforms, shoes, dorm room supplies and many other items are made overseas. Restoring U.S. production of school-related products requires the commitment of both private sector businesses as well as America’s consumers. We simply have to change our purchasing habits and show we mean business by spending our American made dollars on American made products FIRST.

As we continue our efforts to restore industries and jobs I urge you to voice your concerns to store personnel before you reach the cash register, so everyone gets the same message: America can't continue to be the sales point for foreign manufacturers while so many Americans remain jobless. If you don't like what you see where you shop or how store personnel reply to you, shop elsewhere.

It is important for all of us to remain united for positive change and for students to become conscious of the importance of supporting American industries for the sake of their own future well-being. Thanks for spreading the word and for your participation.

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