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Commentary from Saturday, August 16, 2014

Plan for American Made Month in November!

For several years the supporters of American Workers Need You, the Buy American Made Campaign and American Workers Radio have been asked to promote many efforts to bring attention to the fact that America needs more jobs.

We urged our supporters to look at labels before they make a purchase, and speak up about the imbalance between foreign made and American made products where they shop. These initiatives have been very successful.

With the help of newspaper reporters, television and radio broadcasters, and efforts like National Small Businesses Weekend, the first weekend of every month,we have helped bring attention to the need to support our fellow
Americans. Additionally, the ongoing updates on the U.S. Debt Clock have helped people see firsthand that America is going into debt each year and that we have a growing population, but not enough jobs for working age and able bodied Americans to support themselves. As a way to unite our supporters, we will expand our efforts once again. During the entire month of November, American Workers Radio will promote as many businesses as possible that are manufacturing and assembling products in the U.S.A. American Made Month will highlight American workers in all fields and urge America’s consumers to circulate more of their money to support the businesses helping employ American workers.

During “American Made Month” we will promote efforts to expand jobs for Americans and unite local, state and national businesses that manufacture, assemble, distribute and sell American made items. Every day America’s consumers are helping to make a difference, one purchase at a time, by looking for, asking for and purchasing a growing number of American made products. Thanks for your help!

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