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Commentary from Saturday, August 14, 2021

Your Words and Spending Habits Matter!

Each of us knows from hearing friends and family members give their opinions on issues, that words and ideas leave an impression on us.

Over the years because we have been discussing our concerns, we have made some significant progress in making POSITIVE CHANGE happen as more Americans are united behind the Buy American Made Campaign.

When you see your family members and friends, urge them to support the Buy American Made Campaign for the following reasons:

1. Seeking out American Made products does increase the demand for the products presently made in America and sold in America’s stores.
2. Buying American Made products helps keep American workers employed.
3. Buying American Made helps expand employment opportunities as businesses see a demand for products made in the United States of America.
4. Supporting small and large companies, local community businesses and the self-employed offering American Made products and services, not only maintains jobs, but also circulates America dollars in America’s economy. 
5. Buying American Made is helping us maintain and expand a more reasonable balance between imported and American made items at the places where we shop.

If all of us stay united behind these goals, positive changes will continue to happen. To help move our efforts forward, spread the word to your family and friends and encourage them ask for American Made where they shop and spend their dollars wisely on American Made products FIRST.

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