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Commentary from Saturday, August 13, 2022

Help Allow America to Benefit More!

As time moves forward, more Americans are shopping with the intention of looking at labels and asking the question "For the price I’m paying, why can’t these items be available from American based businesses with American made labels?”

When our supporters contact major corporations regarding restoring production in the United States, they simply report that owners and investors moved production outside the United States in order to pay production and operational expenses and earn a profit for investors. They clearly state that became difficult to do in the United States with endless business taxes and growing government regulations.

A major part of getting private sector businesses to expand and return to the United States requires action by America's national elected leaders to reduce taxes and unnecessary government regulations, which have discouraged businesses from expanding in the United States. Once these major issues are addressed, American based businesses can compete better with foreign made products and there will be fewer reasons for businesses to leave the United States and more reasons for them to remain and return to America's shores.

With the rising cost of food, energy, insurance and dozens of other basic living expenses Americans need on a day to day basis everyone is encouraged to speak up in support of American made. As consumers continue to look at labels and are being more selective in how they spend their dollars, store owners are seeing that America’s consumers want a wider selection of American made products and store owners are reporting customers concerns to suppliers.

Spread the word about the Buy American Made Campaign and spend more of your dollars on American made. Your participation is very important.

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