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Commentary from Saturday, August 12, 2023

School Supplies are Just Some of Thousands!

In just a few weeks millions of America's young people will be returning to school. As you are out shopping look at every label because school supplies are just a few of the thousands of items now outsourced around the world, which could still be providing jobs for American workers. Allowing this to happen has helped foreign countries to provide jobs and security for their people, while many levels of job opportunities for American workers were lost year-after-year.

35 years ago the majority of clothing, school uniforms and other supplies were made in America. However, in the past 35 years the supply of American made items has dropped each year as merchandisers and investors looked for profits rather than the stability of their customers who are Americans.

As business owners and investors realized that they could get products made overseas for less and sell them to America’s consumers with a bigger PROFIT, merchandisers continued to bypass American manufacturers and American workers. The Buy American Made Campaign continues to influence tens-of-thousands of our supporters to seek out American made products and increase employment opportunities for American workers.

While shopping around, I noticed there are a few more American made school supplies available. However, I also saw NO REASON that large numbers of school supplies and many other products should not be mainly made in the United States of America again. In today’s global economy it is important to bring about a balance of foreign and domestic products so that every nation can benefit and more Americans can have jobs and a growing number of job skills.

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