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Commentary from Saturday, July 9, 2011

Americans Need To Get Everyone Involved!

The sons and daughters of people who immigrated to America over the years tell me their parents say that outsourcing manufacturing jobs has not been favorable to America's future. They tell me their parents say jobs were always plentiful and in some cases people worked a lot of overtime to keep up with the demand for products being purchased by the American people.

The response is the same from people whose families are life-long Americans. They talk about their families being fully employed, producing, shipping, selling or servicing products made in the U.S.A. and how difficult it is for them to understand why America's industries were outsourced around the world with so little reaction from the American people.

Today, the new American challenge is restoring JOBS so employment opportunities will be plentiful once again. The main challenge is enticing more private sector businesses to bring about a new modern industrial revolution in the U.S.A. For decades national leaders focused on the benefits of a global economy without considering the harm that outsourcing jobs would cause America's economy and its employment base. If we are to be successful in bringing about change, accepting the challenge to revitalize jobs in the U.S.A. requires the participation of every American. To help get our economy back on track and ensure that changes benefit Americans FIRST, I urge you to stay in contact with your local and national elected officials and demand results. Whether the issue is taxes, over-regulation or a need for a more skilled workforce, elected officials and business leaders must remove all barriers that are preventing private sector businesses from opening or expanding in the U.S.A.

From the responses I receive, the Buy American Made Campaign has helped people better understand that America's consumers have more power than they realize simply by directing their dollars to American made products FIRST. Today, millions of people are going out of their way to support the Buy American Made Campaign, but millions more need to get involved and stay involved so our goal of more JOBS in the U.S.A. is realized.

Spread the word to others and look for, ask for, and purchase American made products FIRST!

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