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Commentary from Saturday, July 7, 2018

Our Actions Are Better Than Just Words!

As we have been saying for several years, “Acting on a good idea is better than having a good idea and doing nothing”. Since we expanded the Buy American Made Campaign and American Workers Radio our efforts have blossomed. Radio programs, television reports, newspaper articles and Internet sites are encouraging tens-of-millions of their readers and listeners to support our efforts, which include:
  • Staying United behind all efforts to expand JOBS in America.

  • Supporting One Another and promoting the businesses that employ Americans from the point of production to the point of sale.

  • Promoting the American made label so we not only offer hope to people but they see more job opportunities happening as a result of American made inventory moving off store shelves.

These are just a few ideas promoted by the Buy American Made Campaign and additional reasons why our efforts continue to grow. Americans agree we have more opportunities to change the situation in America simply by changing our spending habits in support of American Made First!

Your actions are always better than words, so take positive actions through your spending power and spread the word to others because America and American Workers Needs Us!

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