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Commentary from Saturday, July 4, 2020

America's Independence Day 2020!

America's 4th of July Independence Day, will be much different in 2020, as we mark the 244th Anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence.

Since the middle of March, Americans have been fighting against a deadly virus that originated in China and has limited our social independence, killed over 120,000 of our fellow Americans and continues to be a health risk to the American people. As we work together toward becoming resistant to the coronavirus, many Independence Day Celebrations have been canceled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Back in 1776, when our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, their main focus was on the ideals of freedom, peace, justice and prosperity for the American people. In more recent years, America lost part of its prosperity as nations of the world welcomed America’s businesses overseas looking for cheaper labor costs, fewer government regulations and lower business taxes. In the last few years, America’s national leaders agreed to cutting taxes and regulations so the United States would be a more welcoming place to expand and open a business. We look forward to these changes continuing for the well-being and better future of American workers and America’s businesses as the coronavirus is contained.

All of us involved with the Buy American Made Campaign wish you and yours a very Happy 4th of July, “Independence Day”. We ask that you go out and support your local businesses throughout the year and during National Small Business Weekend, which is always the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month. America’s businesses need your business and are grateful for your patronage. For more information, visit:

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