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Commentary from Saturday, July 3, 2010

America’s Independence and Prosperity

234 years ago on the 4th of July, America’s founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. They did it to become a free and independent nation, a place of freedom, peace, justice and prosperity.

For 234 years, people of all nations and creeds journeyed to America in search of those ideals. As we celebrate America’s Independence, I ask that you take a good look at present day job opportunities and consider how we can restore some of the jobs America lost as a result of outsourcing and restore prosperity in the U.S.A.

America is the greatest nation on earth. However, in recent years we let control of our nation’s manufacturing base be governed by businesses that wanted America to be the sales point for their products, but in search of more profit moved their manufacturing overseas. Bypassing American workers in search of cheaper imported products is now seen as troubling to more and more Americans. Americans of all ages see the need to be more selective in what they purchase and how it is affecting American workers and America’s manufacturing base. By being more selective in what we purchase we can help restore job opportunities for family, friends and neighbors, new high school and college graduates, veterans and all people seeking employment and the ability to be proud and self sufficient Americans. Employment permits people to be secure, while unemployment only permits a person to exist.

As we celebrate America’s Independence, it is a good time to look back at what America’s founding fathers had in mind for us. It was liberty, peace, justice and prosperity. Spread the word, look for, ask for and go out of your way to buy American made products so we are all part of the effort to restore America’s employment base, prosperity and economy.

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