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Commentary from Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who Is Making the Profit!

In my July 24th commentary, I stated that visitors from foreign countries are expressing concern about products shipped from their homeland that are being sold in American stores for one-thousand-percent more than the original production cost. The example I noted was a necktie that cost less than $3.00 to make overseas is being sold for more tha $30 in American stores. I am not begrudging any business a decent profit, or claiming that we stop importing foreign products, but I’m concerned that American workers are cut out of the manufacturing process and badly need those employment opportunities restored in the U.S.A.

The situation is the same with so much of the sportswear people are wearing. Look at the tags and consider, why do so many tags identify them as made in a foreign country? In fact take a few minutes and look at all of the items you are wearing to see if any of them are made in America. Business owners and investors know that their profits from American made products are less because American workers are paid more. However, if we are going to make an impact on the way business is done, we have to make sure businesses and investors know that the American people are going out of their way to support items with an American made label, so it will have a positive effect on their profits from the sale of American made products and also provide employment opportunities to people who will continue to be their customers.

Everytime I hear from another person discussing the Buy American Made Campaign and their desire to support the businesses employing American workers, I know that positive change is possible. I urge you to spread the word and spend your dollars wisely.

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