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Commentary from Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why Was America's Debt Allowed to Rise?

As America marks the 240th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, let’s take a brief look at what happened to America in recent years. In 1976 when America celebrated its 200th anniversary, the national debt was $450 Billion dollars, or what equals to $200 dollars per American.  In 2016, 40 years later, America's national debt is $19.4 Trillion, or what equals to $59,750 per American. This sad situation is another demonstration of how our national elected leaders did not look out for the American people FIRST, but permitted industries to move overseas without thinking about America’s future and American workers.

Let’s consider the following facts:

America is now over $19.4 trillion dollars in DEBT with a growing percentage of the debt owed to foreign countries.
America's leaders now borrow over 40 cents for every federal dollar spent to pay our nation's operational expenses and to honor our foreign aid commitments.

Despite the low unemployment reports we hear from the United States Government, America really needs millions of new jobs to compensate for unemployed workers who have run out of unemployment benefits and have stopped looking for work.  Also many recent high school and college graduates are seeking employment as well. (Look at the U.S. Debt Clock and see the facts and figures for yourself).

As we consider these facts, we have to ask why America’s leaders did NOT react as tens-of-thousands of industries left America and relocated in foreign countries? Most importantly, we have to ask what we as America's taxpayers and consumers are doing to help end the unfortunate path America finds itself 240 years after we declared our INDEPENDENCE from foreign powers.

One way all of us can help make a major difference is by contacting our local and national elected officials and make sure they know how we feel about America's critical issues. Remember, elected officials work for us, the taxpayers, and we want them to restore America’s economy and jobs in the U.S.A. This is an election year and an excellent time to speak up in support of America. Thanks for spreading the word and for seeking out American made products.

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