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Michael Blichasz
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Commentary from Saturday, July 30, 2011

America Is In Too Much Debt!

In 1976 when America celebrated its 200th anniversary, the nation's debt ceiling was $450 billion. In 2011, America's debt ceiling of $14.2 trillion continues to rise. This sad situation is another demonstration of how our national leaders did not look out for America FIRST but instead permitted massive job outsourcing around the world without thinking about America's workers and America's future. For your information, I'm outlining a few facts:

1. America is over $14.2 trillion in DEBT with a growing percentage of borrowing from other nations to pay expenses generated in the U.S.A.

2. America's leaders now must borrow 40 cents for every federal dollar spent to pay our nation's operational expenses and to honor our foreign aid commitments.

3. When all categories of job seekers are combined, America really needs 24 million jobs to reach a full employment status. These 24 million jobs reflect everyone currently collecting unemployment benefits, those who have used up all of their unemployment benefits and are off the records, people trying to re-entering the workforce and new high school and college graduates who can't find jobs. The effects of unemployment continues to contributes to America’s debt burden.

As you consider these few facts, ask yourself..... Why did this happen? Who led America down the path of major debt? Whom do we hold responsible for America's national woes? Most importantly, what are we as America's taxpayers and consumers going to do to help us get out of this difficult situation?

One way you can help make a difference is by staying in contact with your elected officials in Washington to make sure they know how you feel about America's critical issues. Remember, elected officials work for us the taxpayers, and we want them to put all of their efforts into restoring America’s economy and jobs to the U.S.A. If they can't do the job they should be replaced. You can also help by spreading the word about the Buy American Made Campaign so that it is on the mind of every person you know. Your words and your example with help lead us from the road to nowhere back to the road to success. But success requires that all of us speak up and work together!

This is Michael Blichasz. Thanks for spreading the word and for seeking out American made products. You can email me your comments and suggestion from the email link on the front page of, where you can also see the US Debt Ceiling Chart.