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Commentary from Saturday, July 2, 2022

America's Independence and Prosperity First!

246 years ago on July 4, 1776, America’s founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in Historic Philadelphia. They did it to become an independent nation, with the ideals of freedom, peace, justice and prosperity for all.

For 246 years, people of all nations and creeds continued to journey to America in search of those ideals. As we celebrate America’s Independence, supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign are asked to take a good look at the present situation of America and help us restore prosperity for the American people.

America continues to be the greatest nation on earth.  However, in the last 35 years, we watched a large portion of our nation’s manufacturing base be controlled by businesses that decided to move their manufacturing out of America to increase their profits. However, those same companies still want America to be the major sales point for their foreign made products.  By bypassing American workers and relocating jobs to foreign countries in search of higher profits, those businesses hurt working-age and able-bodied Americans more than we have admitted.

As we mark the 246th Anniversary of America’s Independence, support the efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign so we can continue our efforts to restore no less than 50% of what is sold in America being made in America again.

Help us by spreading the word to your family and friends and ask them to go out of their way to look for, ask for and buy American made products because we all need to support the growth of prosperity in the United States of America.  Thanks for your participation. 

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