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Commentary from Saturday, July 27, 2013

More American Made Needed!

As I discuss the Buy American Made Campaign with business owners, I find that businesses making quality products in the U.S.A. often must work harder to get their products to market then suppliers offering foreign made goods. This is mainly because merchandisers can make more money from foreign made products so they feature them on their sales lists. However, in most cases consumers pay the same for those items at the cash register whether they are foreign or American made. As more Americans choose to spend their dollars on American made products and hold out on some of their purchases, our message for a larger selection of American made continues to be heard by business owners and investors who see that selling something is better than selling nothing.

We can discuss a thousand ways to make change happen, but the demands and actions of customers at the cash register is what really makes a major impact. As stores feature more American made and those items move off the shelves more quickly, they will be replaced by more American made products.

During my conversations with business owners I encourage them to be very direct with their suppliers, tell them loud and clear, "we want more American made on our supply list because this is what our customers are requesting". I tell them to let their suppliers know that customers want to keep Americans on the job and keep more of our own dollars circulating in the U.S.A.

As you can see for yourself, companies that outsourced manufacturing are now in competition with the companies that operate in the U.S.A. and the large imbalance between foreign and domestic products is deeply hurting America's private sector businesses and American workers. When people ask me how important I feel restoring JOBS in America is to the general public, my reply is, "If we want to see tens of millions of Americans employed once again, supporting the Buy American Made Campaign is not only patriotic, it's common sense".

This is Michael Blichasz, I ask that you support your local businesses throughout the year and especially during National Small Business Weekend, the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of EVERY MONTH. For more information visit

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