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Commentary from Saturday, July 25, 2015

Take Care of Our Own First!

Employment opportunity for all Americans is the main goal of the Buy American Made Campaign. The most impressive results of our efforts show that the American people are discussing their ideas, concerns and experiences and are going out of their way to direct more of their dollars to support the products and services produced by American workers.

In the process of supporting the businesses still operating in America, we find that without a growing manufacturing base in the U.S.A. millions of the jobs lost to nations around the world will be impossible to replace. With modern technology there are many new ways to make products and employ people, and with new products constantly being invented and improved, there is no reason for any American to be without one or more employment opportunities. The goal of American Workers Radio is to get more industries, businesses, academia, government and individuals working together to restore jobs of every type that were lost over the last 30 years.

There is a very informative YouTube video titled Million American Jobs Project posted on the top right side of It clearly outlines what happened to JOBS in America. Almost 4 million people to date have watched the “Million American Jobs Project” YouTube video. I encourage you to look at the video and share the link with your family members and friends. Working together we have accomplished a lot of good for the cause of American workers and in the process encouraged businesses to remain and expand in the U.S.A. The dismantling and exodus of America’s industries took place over 30 years. Unfortunately, America can’t wait 30 years to restore its industries and jobs so your participation is extremely important. Look for, ask for and purchase as many items as possible made in the U.S.A Thanks for spreading the word.

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