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Commentary from Saturday, July 25, 2009

You Decide What to Support!

The June 2009 report of the United States Department of Labor Statistics lists that 14.7 million Americans are unemployed and seeking full-time employment. Add to that number millions of individuals still seeking part-time employment and the fact that 80% of this year's college graduates are still unable to find a job, and you have a major crisis in the United States of America.

These staggering numbers provide further incentive for all of us to support the Buy American Made Campaign which would help keep current jobs and expand job opportunities here in America. We need to admit that too many American jobs have been lost to globalization, and that things won't change unless we all unite to support American businesses who employ American workers.

I constantly hear from people who tell me how disturbed they are about the imbalance between foreign made and American made products. People also tell me they were not concerned about the trade imbalance and its effect on the well-being of American workers and families until they themselves, a family member, friend or neighbor lost a job because of global outsourcing. One thing I'm pleased to report is that more people are talking about this very important issue and are beginning to speak up at stores where they shop and are now discussing the Buy American Made campaign with others on a regular basis.

In order to level the playing field, I again urge you to look for currently available American made products at every store where you shop. We can make a difference, one purchase at a time. Your participation with the Buy American Made Campaign is a must if we're going to help American workers maintain and regain employment opportunities in the U.S.A. This week when you go shopping, look for, ask for and purchase American made products so we don't continue to hear that more jobs are being lost to global outsourcing.

This is Michael Blichasz, and as always, I appreciate hearing from you. I welcome your comments and suggestions and ask that you spread the word to others. You can email me from my Internet site at: