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Commentary from Saturday, July 19, 2014

Engineers, Realtors, Investors & Educators!

Recently we discussed additional ways to promote 2014 as the “Year of American Made”. At that time it was suggested that America's Engineers, Realtors and Investors unite to help rebuild America's industries. I would like to add another important category to the list: Educators. I’m sure you agree our focus must be more on jobs and job skills that will benefit America’s students for a life-time of employment possibilities. Uniting all entities will allow America’s youth to be realistic about actual jobs that are needed in America as we focus on bringing empty buildings back to life by private sector businesses.

Education in America
In order to get results I urge you to contact your local school boards and urge America's teachers to promote and teach the jobs skills needed now and in the future. To add to the success of these efforts America's engineers need to document what they would do to expand industries in the U.S.A  America's Realtors need to showcase the properties they have available so businesses have easy access to properties available where private sector businesses could manufacture, distribute, promote and sell products made in America. Getting AMERICA'S PROFESSIONALS to work together will help INVESTORS see that doing business in America is for everyone's benefit. In order to make these positive actions come about, it is going to take all of us working together!

There is ABSOLUTELY no reason for America to continue to be the sales point for items from around the world.  It is imperative to have comparable American made products on stores shelves for America’s consumers to make their own choice as to how they want to spend their dollars. When you consider that America needs more that 40 million full and part-time jobs, you understand why your participation is so important.

Spread the word about the positive efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign so that Teachers, Engineers, Realtors, Investors and more Americans join our efforts to help restore industries and tens-of-millions of jobs for the American people.

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