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Commentary from Saturday, July 17, 2010

26 Million Americans Need Jobs!

A recent CNN report stated that there are now 26 million Americans seeking employment, and job availability in 2011 is expected to be low because so many businesses have closed or jobs have been shipped overseas. The 26 million total includes individuals who lost their full or part-time jobs, people seeking to re-enter the workforce, new high school and college graduates and those who temporarily stopped seeking employment for various reasons. If ever there was a time to unite the American people in support of American businesses that employ American workers it is NOW.

Let’s get the message out to store owners that we, the American people, want more American made products on store shelves or we the American consumer will shop at the stores featuring a reasonable selection of American made goods. Let’s make sure that American manufacturers know that the American people stand behind them and that they are seeking out the American made items they produce. If we stick together, employment opportunities will grow and so will America’s economy.

The Buy American Made Message is very clear. With your participation this campaign will continue to grow and be even more successful and beneficial to American workers and America’s economy. Don’t miss an opportunity to support American made products and spread the word to others.

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