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Commentary from Saturday, July 14, 2018

American Made Supporters Are Modern Day Patriots!

All of us promoting the Buy American Made Campaign can be proud of our efforts to support jobs and job skills for American workers from the point of production to the point of sale.

Because we are focused on America’s well-being we are seeing several positive changes continue to happen and they include:

More Americans are united behind our efforts, especially people whose family members and friends have been affected by unemployment.
More people hear reports in the media which encourages them to unite behind efforts to support America's workers and America’s industries.
More radio broadcasters and the media in general have made it a point to discuss the need for jobs and are reporting on the plight of America's workers.
More store personnel are hearing directly from customers that their stores have too many foreign made and not enough American Made items available.
Store owners now clearly see that consumers are requesting American made products and spending more of their dollars on American made first.

Our message to support American workers, small and large businesses and local community businesses is being well received.  Our message is reaching America's consumers who have the power to create a demand for American made items which support the well-being of private sector businesses employing American workers. To insure that all of our efforts continue, when you go shopping, be one of Today's American Patriots and look for, ask for and purchase American made as often as possible so we can help expand jobs in the United States of America and see more American made products sold in our stores.

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