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Commentary from Saturday, July 10, 2010

Were Competitive Products Available?

A growing number of people are speaking up about the made in America issue, but more of your voices need to be heard. At this point we clearly see that foreign made items are holding us captive because there are so few American made products in our stores. Look at the labels on your cell phone, computer, television, radio, iron, toaster and other electronic items. Were there competitive American made products available for you to consider?

At one time, manufacturing electronic items was a major source of jobs in the U.S.A. As American living standards increased, the cost of manufacturing increased and businesses found ways to cut costs and outsource manufacturing to countries where labor was cheap and living standards much lower. Outsourcing without competitive American made items in U.S. stores has now caused a major imbalance of products available in most major stores. Unless we pledge to go out of our way to support products made in the U.S.A even though they may cost a little more, we’ll see more businesses close their manufacturing facilities and outsource to other parts of the world in search of a better bottom line.

Why did outsourcing expand at such a rapid pace? It happened because business owners saw they could bypass American workers and flood the American market with every type of foreign goods, and the American people would buy them without question. If more consumers had directed their purchasing power to a balance of American made and competitive imported products, there would be more jobs in America. To help the cause, when you reach for a product, look to see where it was made before you make your purchase. Look around to see if there is an American made product on the shelf. If not, call over the manager or store clerk to voice your disappointment and then consider shopping elsewhere.

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