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Commentary from Saturday, June 8, 2013

It Went On For Too Long!

As we continue promoting the Buy American Made Campaign, we see that cheap imports over the last 30 years may have benefitted some people in the short run, but in the long run, cheap imports have hurt America's manufacturing base, long-term employment opportunities, and the job skills needed to keep employment in America vibrant.

Despite some recent positive economic developments, too many people remain unemployed and unable to support themselves and their families. Too many people remain affected by outsourcing and are joining forces with us to reverse this trend for the well-being of America's economy, America's workers and the future of America's families.

During the last few years even importers noticed that unemployed people can't spend money on products, whether they are imported or American made. At this point many investors see their incomes are down, profits are down, stores are filled with inventory but there are fewer customers able to spend money as they did when they were employed. It is amazing that it took so long for joblessness to become recognized as a major problem for so many. We need to unite forces and address the need for JOBS in every way possible and I ask that you spread the word and invite others to support our cause and visit our Internet sites.

I want to thank everyone who is helping us promote National Small Business Weekend on the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Every Month. You are asked to support your local businesses so that they can continue to employ Americans and keep our communities vibrant.

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