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Commentary from Saturday, June 7, 2014

EVERY DAY We Make Progress for American Workers!

The Consumer Reports National Research Center poll results show that 78 percent of America’s consumers, when GIVEN A CHOICE between an American made product and a comparable import, would rather buy the American made product. Over 80 percent of respondents cited that retaining manufacturing jobs and keeping America strong in the global economy are their main reasons to buy American made. About 60 percent of the people surveyed indicated that they would buy American made clothing, appliances and other goods even if they cost more. In spite of these positive reports, the problem remains that not enough American made items are available in America’s stores.

Another issue of concern is the practice of some companies giving the appearance on product labels they are made or assembled in America, but upon closer inspection, the items are totally foreign made. To insure that you are buying and supporting American based businesses and workers, look closely at every label. A product listing “An American Favorite” or items with an American flag or with a red, white and blue labeling doesn’t always mean the items are made or assembled in America.

While the American population continues to grow, America’s economy continues to shrink. America still needs at least 42 million full and part-time jobs, a statistic we have been trying hard to address through the Buy American Made Campaign. Every time you speak up in support of American made and bypass imports in support of American made you leave a lasting impression on store personnel and business investors. In order for us to reach the 50/50 balance we need, we have to get more American made products on shelves and in showrooms, so spend more of your dollars on products made and assembled in the U.S.A. so we can get more people working again.

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