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Commentary from Saturday, June 5, 2010

It Has Been Going On Too Long!

One of the most rewarding things about promoting the Buy American Made Campaign is the feedback from people who share their experiences and suggestions.  Based on these responses, we agree that cheap imports over the last 30 years may have benefitted some people in the short run, but in the long run, these cheap imports have hurt America's manufacturing base and American workers.

Instead of people being able to be employed, support themselves and their families, and pay taxes to maintain quality schools and communities, many Americans are unemployed with little hope of finding a job in today’s environment with jobs being outsourced and many companies downsizing.  The unemployment rate is the direct result of businesses outsourcing jobs in search of cheaply made imported products with the hope that you will buy the imports without question and permit businesses to increase their profit margin.  This situation went unnoticed in better economic times, but now people see very clearly that business leaders must reverse this trend or the recession as we know it will spread and cause further hardship for America's economy, America's workers and America's families.

It is now well understood that cheap outsourced labor costs are coming back to haunt businesses, government and communities because unemployed people can't spend money on products, either imported or American made.  Only when the American people are fully employed can outsourcing jobs around the world be justified.

You can see for yourself that less jobs were created in the U.S.A. while jobs were exiting America for places around the globe. At this point there is simply no excuse not to restore manufacturing in the U.S.A. Incomes are down, profits are down, communities are suffering and stores are filled with inventory, but with fewer customers.  It is amazing that it took so long for the outsourcing issue to get the attention it deserves, but now that it’s being addressed, let's address this issue and move forward in a positive way.

The bottom line is that you are taking action and using your purchasing power to support American made products first.  I urge you to seek out American made products and not miss an opportunity to speak up for American workers.  Not until there are more jobs than job seekers in the U.S.A. should we support businesses that are not offering a reasonable balance between American made and imported products.

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